The Paint Pot is a corner
where all aged children can choose a piece of pottery to paint and be creative.






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Welcome to Yeesh! Fun for kids

an up-market venue for parents and children to enjoy themselves!
Dr Sandy Gilchrist, a qualified child psychologist and mother of three has designed and implemented a great new site where both kids and parents have a good time.


 Leisure Options Readers' Choice Awards
 Yeesh! winner 2010


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Opening Hours
Tues – Sunday,
9am to 5pm
We are open ALL public holidays except for Christmas Day.

Puppet shows, face painting, drumming, clown visits,
arts and crafts, baking, icing and tons more…


Drop off facilities available for working parents for children 4 yrs and older.
Enquire at: or (011) 656 9669



Yeesh! will be open EVERYDAY
(7days per week)
during the August holidays





Yeesh is a safe, secure venue owned and run by a child psychologist.

Supervised play staff to interact with your child.



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At Yeesh! Fun for kids we aim to ensure:

The safety and security of the children

The safety and security
of your children.

Ensuring the time spent at Yeesh! is fun and exciting

That play is unstructured and free.

That the whole family leaves feeling uplifted and energized.



The well-being of the parents

The well-being of the parents.

Ensuring the time spent at Yeesh! is fun and exciting


Ensuring the time spent at Yeesh! is fun and exciting

That your time spent at Yeesh! is fun and exciting.




soft play structure for 4- 12 yr olds jumping castle and trampoline

The large area for 1-3 yr olds


Yeesh! Contact Details

Tel: 011 656 9669

Map with directions

Cell: 083 923 2306
Address: Unit G6,
Woodmead Commercial Park,
Waterfall Crescent, Woodmead


motor skills, social skills, Spatial awareness, confidence levels, creativity



Yeesh! is also great for your child’s developmental growth: the play equipment aids many aspects of development – go to Behind the Scenes
to find out more








first aid training, fire training, customer training and general child training slides, trampoline, jumping castle and soft play obstacles to keep the children busy for a long time